The ACA Trinity is a 2-way, ported LCR monitor designed to share duty between Home Theater and 2-channel use.  There are two tonally identical variants, with a shallower cabinet (Trinity-C) for the center and surround channels and a deeper one (Trinity-LR) for the front left and right positions.  We offer flexible bundles to form any combination to fit your needs.  The Trinity offers an exceptionally dynamic theater experience, and a refined presentation for your music.





"The Trinity marries the revealing qualities of a studio grade monitor with the dynamic range and sensitivity of a larger full range home theater speaker" --Victor Chavira,


"The Trinity's offer exceptional transparency for their price" --Adam LaBarge,




Tweeter    VIFA XT Concentric Ring Radiator

Custom 7"

Crossover   Point to Point Wiring
Crossover Frequency   2.2kHz
Frequency Response  

45Hz-37kHz (Trinity-C)


37Hz-37kHz (Trinity-LR)

Nominal Impedance   4 Ohms
Efficiency   90db
Dimensions   Trinity-C  - (WxHxD) 24"x9"x12"
    Trinity-LR - (WxHxD) 9"x24"x16"
Net Weight   Trinity-C - 44lbs
    Trinity-LR - 50lbs each